A downloadable game for Windows

Made for GDL January Jam 2017

It's inventory time in the sector! Unfortunately, you're the only SpaceTrain Engineer on duty right now, so it's up to you to move whatever each station needs moved to whatever other station. The problem? Each piece of cargo must be delivered within an arbitrary time limit, or your pay gets docked! The quartermasters are playing games with you, but like any good engineer, you knock off at the end of your shift, no matter the state of affairs.

Collect your bonuses and try not to have your pay docked too much in this first-person space train game!

Pass through stations to deposit/collect cars. Delivering cargo on time rewards you the value of the cargo, while delivering it past the due time will result in that value being subtracted. No cargo can be delivered once your shift is over.


Design and Development

Sean Mansell (@arknano)


Lite Black (@JB_LiteBlack)



Andrew Bell (@andybellmusic)


Skybox generated using @wwwtyro's Space Skybox Generator

Known Issues:

  • Cargo list breaks and shows invalid cargo
  • No sound effects (the music is great though!)
  • Controls are a bit wonky... You'll get used to them
  • The compass is not terribly accurate (look down further than it's pointing)
  • The External View might break completely if the car it's targeting is removed
  • UI doesn't scale correctly


spaceTrain.zip 26 MB


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Interesting concept game. It took me a couple plays to understand what I needed to do. Still didn't do it well. But you can see my 2nd attempt at:

I seem to have an issue that as soon as I start the game, the train skews off left and down as if I'm holding those keys when I'm not. Any ideas what that might be?


Haven't observed that issue, so I'm not quite sure! You might want to check that no other inputs are overriding those keys, such as a controller. The game isn't made to work with a controller but the default binds for it remain.